E-commerce Personalization Tips to Increase Revenue

Relevant product recommendations and targeted offers are born to boost sales. How to personalize e-commerce right? Here is the answer.

Homepage: make it personalized to find a key to buyers’ hearts

The first visit of shoppers can be a start of long-term collaboration. How to arouse their interest at first sight? The ways are numerous and a general idea is simple — care about the people who ‘paid a visit’.

Mind the weather forecasts and location specifics to provide topical banners and bring seasonal clothing to the fore. 

Navigation: the simpler, the better

The less time users will spend on the search of the items wanted, the happier they will be. Sounds trivial, but time savings is a perfect motivator to enter the website again knowing you’ll find a product in no time.

The users’ session history is second to none to anticipate the demands. Preferred brands and categories will be shown in the first place.  

Avoid endless lists of products for the selection — it will rather confuse and discourage potential buyers then boost sales. Prioritize relevant offers, but not the abundance of choice.

Recommendations: human touch works

No one denies the significance of product recommendations; a key point is not to be too pushy. Bank on the users’ style preferences; offer extra items that match recent purchases; and consider personalized guides as an option to prepare a smart recommendation portfolio and keep it updated.

Special offers: go easy on discounts

Discounts seem to be a sure way to provoke purchases. Anyway, do not use this key pressure factor if shoppers are ready to pay a full price. Discounts should by no means negatively affect your business.

Again, personalization dictates a fair usage. Analyzing the users’ purchases, return tendencies, and focus on bargain sales, you will make up a sound and more targeted discount strategy (when to offer the discounts, in which cases to apply this instrument of persuasion, etc.).

Emails: do not underrate this marketing channel

Provided that newsletters are sent at the right time and with a right tone, email will prove its effectiveness as an e-commerce marketing channel.

Timely follow-ups after the website visitors have explored some items can influence their final decision. User behavior is the best clue on what to offer, how to reach out to customers, and which tactics to select.

As for the other targeted tips to attract attention, do not forget to celebrate your customers’ birthdays and other special dates, opt for personalization everywhere, starting from email subjects, and mind that it’s never too late to win clients back. Just give them a reason to return.


Wonder how to implement these features thus making your e-commerce strategy more efficient? Emerline is here to consult you and navigate these personalization scenarios. When users feel they are unique, they can’t resist the temptation of buying. 

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