Digest #6: Tech Is Making Progress

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    There is not a single day without news, and IT news is no exception. Let’s check out what’s going on in the tech world. Emerline is ready to present you the sixth digest highlighting some of the key topics we are experts in. 

    World of Trends

    Apple fans have already got used to celebrating September as the month dedicated to iPhones. Not this time, though. While there is a chance to be delighted by the new Apple Watch and iPad, iPhone 12 release is delayed. 

    Is it worth waiting? Among other features, there will be a brand new design and triple-lens 3D camera, which will enable better AR capabilities and photography powers. 5G will be here, too — new devices will be connected to the 5G network. The A14 chip for iPhone 12 will help to achieve notable performance benefits. 

    Cannot wait to see a new iPhone lineup? Coming soon! To make the wait shorter, here you have a list of expectable updates

    Google leverages neural radiance fields, or NeRF, to recreate landmarks as 3D models. Google’s NeRF in the Wild (NeRF-W) makes it possible to see the 3D landmarks from various angles and experience realistic architecture, while taking into account weather conditions and time of the day. 

    How does Google’s NeRF-W differ from NeRF and what are the improvements of the former? Here, you’ll find a more detailed NeRF-W description and the video showing its strengths.

    Mobile Stories

    Let’s go on with Google’s achievements. Earthquake detection with the help of an Android feature is our new reality. Google is creating ‘the world’s largest earthquake detection network’ through adding earthquake detection mechanisms to almost every Google Play Android phone. 

    Tiny accelerometers are capable of detecting earthquakes even during their first waves. 

    The server collects the signals from phones and defines whether the earthquake is actually happening. Luckily, the speed of these signals is faster than the speed of earthquakes!

    More info about the distribution of this feature is here

    What about creating wills and trusts on the phone? A mobile app from Policygenius aims to save time of busy people by giving them a way to cope with essential financial operations quickly and easily. Making estate plans, life insurance, or wills seems a tricky task that requires much effort and is usually delayed for an indefinite period. 

    To trigger the process, Policygenius has split the whole procedure into simple steps and given a clear and concise explanation on how to manage each. If you are wondering whether these actions described in the app comply with all legal requirements, here is the proof.

    In the Cloud 

    It’s time to talk about numbers and revenues. AWS, for instance, breaks the $10bn revenue mark for the recent quarter (slow growth detected), whereas Google bits the $3bn mark, which represents their regular climb. Microsoft experiences growth as well, although mentioning that Azure indicators went down to 47% from 59% (without presenting the figures). Full financial reports on Amazon and Microsoft are available. 

    Startup Arena

    The world of startups never sleeps — Labster, a startup from Copenhagen, demonstrates the good sides of online learning, expands Zoom borders, and actively engages virtual reality in the studying process. 

    Currently partnering with private institutions and California community colleges, Labster also plans to show the Asian market the potential of 3D simulations, virtual learning assistants, and other VR lab scenarios. What is the current state of these ambitious perspectives? The answer is here.

    Can you guess what “Warmly,” means? It’s a new startup founded by ex-Googlers and targeted at providing businesses with warm leads. The idea is to track any job change and activity of customers — this data gives sales specialists a clear and relevant picture of sales opportunities (if any). Instead of tiresome searches for potential customers without the fertile ground, you get the shortest possible path to companies (with a right key to success).

    UI/UX Vibes

    One of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers, OnePlus, keeps up with the Android updates (Android 11 release is coming) through their new software design. Dark modes, Always-on display, updated animations, and simple design form the pool of updates. What does it look like? Welcome to view new elements of style.

    Software Testing & QA Updates

    Is the remote mode challenging or beneficial for software testing? Let’s concentrate on positive sides of remote software testing. No one can deny the fact that software testing needs utmost concentration, and for some employees, it’s quite challenging to focus on their tasks in the traditional office. Sounds weird, still according to the survey, 75% of remote specialists experience fewer distractions. Remote working also contributes to the smaller employee turnover rates. So don’t be dubious about remote testing and distributed QA — they have potential

    DevOps Insights

    Not surprisingly, healthcare has become one of the most hot-button industries this year. While demanding support and smooth functioning of all healthcare-related systems, the healthcare sector has admitted that it needs DevOps to achieve the objectives. 

    DevOps practices implemented in the database development and management processes guarantee the stability of database systems, the highest data security level, and compliance with the regulations. It seems DevOps is gathering pace across the whole healthcare sector.

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