What Are the Most Common Prejudices About 5G?

5G is coming — and before LTE networks give place to the next step of mobile communication, the concept is being accompanied by irrational fears and fantasies. Let’s look at the most common and make sure that there are no reasons for anxiety.

The main 5G’s superpower is speed

While it is believed that 5G is a hundred times faster than 4G, one shouldn’t consider it as the next generation of mobile phone speed only. 5G extends the capacities of AR and robotics — any area that needs the instantaneous feedback will benefit from low latency with 5G.

This will improve user experience and enable huge technological innovations.

5G vs Health: is there a real confrontation?

Among major concerns is the risk of tumors and cancer. While rumors are flying, health organizations conduct numerous experiments to calm people down and explain exaggerated fears from a scientific perspective. The leading studies insist that statements like ‘5G will cause cancer or lead to brain tumors’ are rubbish.

Specifically, the FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) report states that “if any risks do exist, they are extremely low compared to both the natural incidence of the disease and known controllable risk factors”.

No more 4G after 5G’s coming

Actually, 4G and 5G will go hand in hand and 4G won’t become history on the short-term horizon. It will take time until 5G is powerful enough to go without 4G. The latter will work perfectly, whereas 5G will be developing gradually and spreading across the globe.

As 5G is built on the foundation of 4G, it’s rather launching a new era of mobile communication than replaces LTE at once.


5G matters for corporates only

5G is useful for the companies of all sizes — large and small business that care about cost savings, significant competitive differentiators, and better performance will benefit from 5G.

At the same time, the next evolution in mobile networks will enhance various industries, no matter how big or small the company is. For instance, as per the transportation industry, self-driving cars will be accompanied by 5G; manufacturing is expecting smart factories for more efficient processes and reduced costs; and augmented reality supported by 5G could mark a revolution in retail via visualizing products.

5G endangers security

Is 5G a paradise for hackers? If to look at 5G in the context of faster speed and the boost of IoT devices, it’s becoming tempting for cyberattackers to expand their activities.

But the technology itself can hardly be blamed for the weak security. Instead, it represents much stronger data encryption and secure verification of network users if to compare its capacities with 4G’s.

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