3D Coloring Book by numbers

Hard day? Sick and tired of routine? Long for positive emotions? Look for the ways to forget about troubles or simply want to have a good time smiling and taking coloring challenges?

Emerline meets all your demands with one stress-relieving mobile app! 3D Colorbook is a source of inspiration, creativity booster, and wit trainer. With the aim to raise your spirits or help to move away from daily issues and have fun for a while, our team has created an iOS solution that is all about relaxation and fancy ideas. 

Color the reality around you (you’re free to choose the figure you want to make brighter), set new records (outperform other app users in terms of the coloring speed), and create new worlds you dream about. Try the 3D Colorbook app once to find a favorite pastime.

What are the prime reasons for the app gaining quick popularity? Here they are.

Experience the double ‘C’ — Coloring plus Creation

The app’s concept is broader than its title, and it goes beyond coloring. Wanna make the time fly faster, while coloring the black and white figures? You are welcome to find a correlation between numbers in pixel boxes and colors, make a chicken beak yellow, or transform a cat into a tabby creature. 

Does your imagination go further and need to explore fantasy worlds? The app has something to offer you to turn your ideas into reality. What about perfect world building? Make any creature or item you wish, follow your design vision, and add the newly built masterpieces to your dream island. It’s not a joke, you are an island happy owner!

Create beauty in 3D

It’s up to you to choose between the 3D and traditional modes of coloring or creating your reality. A smart 3D builder strengthens the realistic effect and allows you to assemble 3D compositions without even knowing the basics of art. 

3D coloring and 3D building are as easy as ABC with the 3D Colorbook app. Just let your imagination run free and enjoy the process!


Augmented reality is closer than you think

It’s not enough to create new worlds for complete joy and satisfaction — we’ve added the AR effect, so that you feel inside of your imaginary universe. Ready to move to your island and surround yourself with your own masterpieces? The app is happy to organize this journey for you!

Never miss a challenge… and win!

You have a chance to check out how quick you are in comparison with other app users. What about coloring a figure in 5 seconds? Are you sure you’ll do it even faster? Choose the mode, either AR or traditional, start the game, and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Custom figures only — you’ll never get bored

You won’t be disappointed from the lack of figures to color, as soon as we are continually adding new ones to the app’s collection. Emerline’s 3D designers do their best to delight users with the unusual and cute figures available. So even if you are an active user and get pleasure from 3D Colorbook every day, the figures will never end thanks to our 3D design team’s boundless imagination.

As a picture's worth a thousand words, take a short break and try the app in action. Warning: 3D coloring is fascinating, so the break is likely to take a while!

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