Mobile apps born to puzzle you


Trying to amaze the audience with brand new things, some mobile app creators risk overlooking other important factors, like solving real business issues. Emerline shows you the mobile software samples of pure fun.

It seems there is no single industry left without a mobile app to make things easier. E-learning apps let people prepare for any exam everywhere (public transport, endless queues, boring parties, etc.); delivery apps save time and rid of carrying heavy bags; or taxi booking apps solve all issues related to getting from A to B (there could be more points of destination, though).

Mobile apps also affect healthcare, banking, and travel industry, and the more inconveniences we experience in this or that industry, the more mobile assistants we get to overcome them. 

Along with the mobile software solutions intended to make life easy, there are cases when exuberant imagination and creative input come out on top.

On the way to creating revolutionary software, there is a chance to bring too much whimsy. We introduce the collection of mobile apps that are united by their weird concepts. The words ‘odd’ and ‘strange’ are also relevant, but it’s up to you to evaluate the mobile software products which usefulness is doubtful.

  1. Nothing

Yep, that is the app’s name. ‘This app does notthing...but! wait the update’, the description on the Google Play market says. And it perfectly matches the reality. No icon, no menu, no buttons, and no functions. One can define the app’s mission on their own. As per the users’ comments (no evidence they are true, though), the app helps to overcome frustration, beat depression, and get rid of bad habits.



The world would be dull without cats, pussycats, and kittens. Probably, that is one of the reasons why this ‘cats-everywhere-app’ has been designed. When there are no cats in the picture, it can ‘right the ship’ and add a plenty of them. Cat fans are excited! The rest are puzzled.

  1. $1000000 

Money is evil, but what about virtual banknotes? Surely, you can’t pay with it, but if counting one million dollars via touching the screen comforts you, the app makes sense. Otherwise, it’s better not to start.

  1. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

‘A guide to health and happiness’ sounds a bit pathetic. Still, those who want to stop constant anxiety might consider it as an option. The app has a collection of meditation courses and relaxing music. Are sessions on personal growth or how-to-relieve-stress instructions effective? The app’s creators are confident that they are. Anyway, it could be a placebo at least.

  1. Kitchen Scale

A stated goal is to weigh cooking ingredients to avoid disproportions and inevitably clean the screen of your phone afterwards. Tiny note: it doesn’t work. The results are purely random. That means the app can be used as a proof that mobile phones are still not capable of determining weight.

  1. Fake Call

Actually, there could be a series of similar apps with a common idea — giving a user a helping hand when there is a need to escape from a meeting, ignore the question or remark, and leaving a room finding an excuse for that. A simulated call lets you prevent any uncomfortable situation. Such a cunning means of evading the issues!

  1. Sapio

The app poses a breakthrough in the world of dating apps — when intelligence is top priority and attractive appearance is not enough for initial interest, matching principles are based on the intellectual level. Before users find their perfect matches, they have to answer lots of questions on politics, mindset, achievements, hobbies, and much more.

‘Great minds think alike’, the app’s motto says.

  1. Mobile Gun

Augmented reality is hardly new in terms of its wide usage in mobile apps. This time, it is applied quite radically, while shooting at human targets using mobile cameras. Face detection in a black context — shooting people virtually seems a bit insane stress reliever.  

  1. Hold On

Wanna use your phone less? ‘Hold on’ is the answer. One button and one press on HOLD and you are collecting the rewards without using your mobile phone, which is the main benefit. 

10. There could have been your app if you had focused on the creative component. In case your desire is going beyond mere originality, our mobile development tean will eagerly discuss your idea, its profit for a target industry, and possible implementation options.

Emerline specialists can also consult you on the most relevant teсh and killer features to add. Let's bet on the apps' practical value for its users, not on their unusual approaches only. 

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