Smart Guide for Training a Dog

Services: Mobile App Development 


  • Mobile: iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin)
  • Back-End: Firebase BaaS solution
  • Integrations: Firebase as a back-end, Login with FB, Apple, Analytics: GA, Firebase, etc.
  • Deployment: Firebase 

Business Model: B2C


In a company being pet-friendly, a question on how to get rid of your dog’s disobedience and raise a healthy and energetic pooch is always relevant. Inspired by the caring dog owners working at the company, Emerline came up with the idea of creating a mobile app for effective dog training.

The concept went far beyond the mere teaching of dog commands pretty soon — there are dozens of controversial issues in the dog-human interaction.

How to define a must-learn set of commands for a dog to ensure the comfort living with your pet under the same roof and walking hours without any unpleasant incidents related to the dog’s disobedience?

Too much or too little dog walking — what are the tips to avoid both options?

Activity type matters — which one to choose for a corgi, pug, or husky?

“My pet is woundily afraid of the streets — what should I do?”

GoDog became the Emerline’s mobile app born to give the answers and make dog owners’ lives with their pets a piece of cake. 

Solution’s Description 

The smart mobile guide covers three major areas, all contributing to the pet’s good mental and physical health. 

Mobile Dog Handler

A special set of commands developed in cooperation with an expert dog handler meets three objectives at once:

  • Forgetting about the dog’s misbehavior
  • Controlling the pet’s actions
  • Feeling safe and comfortable 24/7 with a four-legged friend

Activity Calculator

After analysing the information about the dog’s breed and age, GoDog shares the following set of valuable insights:

  • Recommended walking duration
  • Personalized advice on dog walking
  • Games selection to safely increase the dog’s activity level

Dog Socialization Tool

Another way to track the pet’s activity and provide its great mood is to acquaint it with other dogs. What about the dog training app’s assistance in tackling this task? 

GoDog is capable of:

  • Searching for the dog lovers walking nearby; 
  • Showing the people in your neighbourhood, so that you can chat with them and arrange collaborative walks.

Key Features

Special set of commands

An experienced dog handler with years of practice supported us during the process of creating clearly arranged video lessons. While GoDog is focused on the core commands to facilitate the dog’s good behavior, a suite of the advanced lessons is available, too.

Each lesson represents several successive steps with the explanatory notes for a pet owner. 

Augmented Reality

AR stands for simplicity and visibility of each training session. Our experts used the augmented reality tech to give dog owners a chance to watch the lesson’s steps from all angles and enable 360-degree viewing.

Walking Tracker

The tool allows a dog owner to adapt the walking schedule to the needs of a pet, while tracking its everyday physical activity and types of exercises.

Clicker Tool

This tool makes dog training a pure fun. Its aim is to streamline your pet’s performance and motivate it to train diligently and with enthusiasm.

Interactive Dog Walking Map

The app has a map that shows the pet owners all dogs walking nearby. Each time you want to socialize your dog, you can agree on the walks together.

Shared Access to the Pet’s Profile

Install the app on various devices and keep track of pet’s training and walking activities together with all of your family members.


For now, results are as follows: happy dog owners who actively utilize the app both on iPhone and Android give their positive feedback, saying that GoDog has an intuitive interface, really useful content, and all the features to enjoy a happy life with a healthy, cheerful, and obedient dog.

The Emerline’s specialists never stop upgrading the app: currently, the development of the Dog’s Health Diary is in progress. So GoDog fully satisfies its ‘smart guide for bringing up and training the dog’ status.


Free download: iOS, Android

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