How to Build an HR App — Insights That Will Help You Make a Successful Mobile App

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    Not all mobile apps need to be developed for mass consumption. Some mobile apps can be powerful tools to be used to make the workplace more efficient. Large enterprises and small businesses can also benefit from an employee mobile app. But a mobile app is not something that you should create just for the sake of doing it; here are some reasons why an employee mobile app is beneficial for your business.

    Benefits of using an HR app

    Human resources (HR) is the department that serves employees directly. If you have a satisfied employee, they will deliver excellent performance to the end customer. The focus is now on total wellbeing and the digital disruption around total wellbeing. Employees want the issues with mental health addressed, and thankfully with platforms like Espresa, they can do that now.

    A cloud platform like Espresa makes sure that the employees have an engaging working experience and creates a healthy workplace that people truly appreciate.

    Company team

    Many employees are not engaged in their workplace, and for a pay cut or at the same salary, they are willing to join another company. This is where the HR needs to step up their game and ensure that specialists stay with them.

    With mobile being an essential piece of technology, the HR department needs to have its own mobile application. It will not only help them streamline many functions but also make sure that they are productive.

    How you can make your HR app successful

    Solve a Problem

    Successful products only work when they solve a pressing problem of a business or a customer. Before beginning to build an app for your employees, ask yourself what problem the app would solve for the users, and how it would simplify their lives. A successful app should provide the customer with tangible benefits and meet most of the customer's needs. It should be affordable in cost and provide security for the user's data.

    Also, you should try conducting a survey. Do you know what your audience wants? Your target audience may want a secure and convenient app that can enhance their overall productivity. Creating an HR mobile app with that in mind can bring better results while also solving a particular problem for your targeted audience.

    Benefits of using an HR app

    Additionally, your app should have something unique to offer. It should not have the same features as your competitors if you want to stand out from millions of apps already present in the market.

    Once you identify what your users want, it will be much easier for you to come up with unique features and attract users to your app.

    Define your company culture

    What is the motto of your company? Every company has a mission statement or brand strategy, but that is not your company culture. When we talk about company culture, it is more important for your staff than you might think. If we don't count compensation and actual job requirements, company culture is one thing that employees care about the most.

    An employee mobile app will allow you to set the standard of how your employees communicate through the platform. If you can replicate your company culture through your app, it increases the chances that your employees will also follow that lead.

    For example, if your company app is dry, colorless, and boring in use, then that will be the perception of your company's culture in the mind of your employees.

    Company culture

    On the other hand, if your app is bright, colorful and includes your company taglines while communicating important information in a fun and engaging way for your staff, they will behave the same way.

    Know your audience

    Any app created without keeping its target users in mind is a waste of money and definitely won't be suitable for its users.

    Instead of wasting money on apps like that, listen to what your customers want and use when developing your app. If you want users to download your app into their mobile, make sure that your app offers what your users want. The key to knowing what your users want is to conduct thorough market research during all stages of development.

    One of the best ways that many brands use to determine their target audience is to create personas or portraits of how your ideal user looks like. This profile will include age, gender, hobbies, preferences, and much more. Once you create a profile, use it to explore your app ideas and see how it suits the profile.

    It is important to understand your target market as it will have a major impact on your app's development and even how the pricing is structured.


    Centralize all information in one place

    Make sure that your app is full of features that are useful to your employees. Today, everything is digital, and none of your employees will carry a physical copy of your employee handbook with them at all times. Instead, a mobile app that will provide the information about everything and be easily installed on the employees’ phones is a great choice.

    Keep all data in one place

    With a properly structured app, your employees can quickly check everything in the company instead of sorting through more than a hundred emails. They can get the latest company news each day by simply checking the app every time they want.

    You can even include the company’s directory listing of all employees, including their names, phone numbers, and email addresses that other employees can find when needed. Employees can also know about the upcoming events through push notifications.

    The best employee app allows your staff to access information about their payroll, health plans, remaining leaves, and other benefits. This way, they don't have to contact the HR department and save a lot of time.

    Customize the app for high performance

    Develop a mobile app that offers great performance because the app's reputation, rating, and revenue are all dependent on how it performs. As per a survey, about 80% of app users will only attempt to use a problematic app three times or less, while almost 36% say they will have a lower opinion of the app and the brand if it has performance issues.

    Native apps provide the most responsive experience to the users. They can use all the basic functions of smartphones very efficiently and use push notifications, which will bring the audience back to the app.

    Customize the app for high performance

    Also, using big and heavy images can cause a mobile app to slow down; instead, try to compress an image and minimize it without compromising its quality. This will boost the performance of your app to a great extent.

    Boost employee engagement

    You are making your HR mobile app specifically for your employees, so it is important that the app can better connect your employees and the HR department. If you know what your employees want, you can develop a very successful HR mobile app. Seek direct feedback by asking employees to fill out certain questionnaires and survey forms and give them the freedom to engage with activities and models. You can then measure your employee engagement and find out why there was a lower engagement rate from certain employees.

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