Emerline Enters Top 20 Mobile App Developers According to the US Independent Research Organization

How are the leaders selected?

Expertise knows that it’s challenging to find the right professional with proper expertise and high-quality services, so its mission is to carefully evaluate representatives from different industries and identify the best service providers across the top cities in the USA. How are the leaders selected?

In order to connect businesses with the required expert teams, Expertise evaluates vendors by looking at the following criteria:


Expertise refers to customers to examine their feedback, history of successful projects, and quality of services delivered.


Here, the history of the vendor’s awards, accreditations, and licensing is taken into account.


Practice makes perfect — Expertise considers practical expertise and educational background.


Providing instant support to the customer, prompt reactions to continuously arising questions, and fixing the issues in no time definitely deserve becoming separate evaluation criteria.


This standard is scored through three indicators — honesty, reliability, and respect.

Top 20 Mobile App Developers: and the Award Goes to…

Along with doing researches to find the most proficient attorneys, physicians, or renovation specialists, Expertise was searching for experienced providers in the area of mobile app development. After scoring mobile app developers on five categories mentioned above, the independent researcher made a list of 20 best options. And we are happy to announce that Emerline is among the winners.


Emerline is honored to be named one of the 20 Best Mobile App Developers. This recognition is a perfect incentive for our team to work even harder, accelerate our strategy, and contribute to the success of more and more businesses.

Our team is looking forward to expanding the horizons of partnership and helping companies develop sustainable competitive advantage and operate more profitably.

With the top spot earned this year, we are committed to go on innovating and enhancing our expertise to stay ahead.

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