How to Make Dogs and Their Owners Happy with a Pet Training App

What if you were allowed to go outside only with your pooch? Sounds a bit surrealistic, right? However, it feels like this is happening already — even when you are in total isolation and wandering around the streets seems an unachievable dream, you still can’t ignore walking your furry friend.

Under quarantine, controlling a dog's behavior is even more challenging. It’s becoming harder to reach out to a dog handler, whereas pets require sound ways to release energy. In order to take good care of dogs and provide mutual understanding between pets and their owners, online dog training assistants are built.

Dog training apps offer pet owners a set of tools to train an obedient dog. While training a pet on how to be on its best behavior, such apps contribute to making dogs fit, happy, and well-socialized. All the rewards depend on the set of features included in a mobile solution.

Emerline defines three major areas covered by smart mobile guides for training and taking care of dogs.

Mobile Dog Handler, or a Must-Learn Set of Commands

Although perfect dog training apps shouldn’t be limited by lessons only, the educational constituent is super significant. You can hardly go without proper training if you expect your pet to be good both at home and outside. Is damaged furniture or chewed clothing among your negative experiences? Do you have trouble with calming down your pet? Misbehavior is a common thing when a puppy lacks a systematized training activity.

Regardless of your ambitions to bring up a dog champion, regular training is a must. It’s not about ranks and awards — if you intend to feel comfortable living with your pet under the same roof, involve at least a basic set of lessons in your daily interaction with a dog.

Activity Tracker: Steer Your Dog’s Energy on the Right Course

Energy could be either positive or devastating. As soon as dogs don’t have the slightest idea of how to stay motionless for a long time, you need to keep an eye on their movements and monitor the activity.

Right opportunities for walking and exercising will prevent a pet from getting depressed, gloomy, or naughty. Don’t forget about your pet’s physical and mental health — a proper amount and quality of activities will prevent the diseases.

Info about the dog’s breed and age is enough for calculating the walk length and defining optimal types of activities and games. Keep in mind that ‘a tired dog is a good dog’ — if pets get the right balance of physical and mental stimulation, they will be happy and well-behaved.

Pet Socialization Tool: Two Dogs Are Better Than One

Four-legged friends are highly social creatures and besides enjoying the company of their owners, they should interact with other dogs as well.

When your pet has a positive experience in playing with other dogs, it will contribute to its cheerful nature and overcoming fear of other canines.

Nice question is, “How could a mobile pet training app be helpful here?” In fact, it includes an interactive map with all dogs walking near you. 

An ideal case is a solution that combines all the opportunities mentioned above and provides happy pet owners a chance to get healthy, energetic, and easily controllable dogs. Aiming to create a multifunctional solution for dog lovers, Emerline designed and implemented a three-in-one dog training mobile app to gather an online dog handler, digital activity calculator, and social channel in one place.

Which dog training commands to choose for a pet so that you always feel at ease near your pooch and know how to tackle all common dog behavior issues? 

How to set up a perfect walking schedule?  

Are there rules of dogs' introduction?

The Emerline’s mobile app called GoDog will find all the answers and transform the process of the dog-owner interaction into sheer joy.

GoDog compiles a range of tools that make your life with a puppy cheerful, eventful, and trouble-free.

How does our dog training app work and what are the features included?

Special set of commands 

Guided by the experienced dog handler’s recommendations, our specialists created a unique set of video lessons. Nothing extra or irrelevant — GoDog offers only those commands that are essential for the dog’s good behavior. An advanced set of commands is also available. Each step-by-step video lesson has clear comments for a pet owner.

Augmented reality training sessions

Our AR experts used the power of augmented reality technology for the app’s utmost simplicity and visibility. Haven’t caught what to do next or just want to watch the lesson’s step from another angle or dimension? AR enables 360-degree viewing. Actually, dog training has never been easier before.

Walking tracker

It allows achieving an appropriate activity level — based on the dog’s breed and age, the app selects the right exercises, specifies walking duration, and gives individual walking recommendations. Pet owner’s preferences on the walking time are also considered. 



Have ambitious plans to sharpen your skills of a dog trainer? A clicker tool has been made especially for fun and effective dog trainings. Try it and see that the dog will be truly delighted!

Shared access to the dog’s profile

This feature is about shared responsibility — keeping track of a pet’s training and walking progress is possible on multiple mobile devices. You are welcome to care about the dog together with your family and friends and be aware of all pet’s achievements.

Interactive dog walking map

How to find like-minded fellows for walking your doggies? The map will show you other dogs nearby. Although today’s situation doesn’t favor collaborative walks, we all hope for the better and look forward to spending time together with the fellows. Dog’s socialization will soon get back to normal again.

Welcome to GoDog to check it out now!

Are you a happy dog owner? GoDog will systematize and streamline your dog’s training process while eliminating all potential and real ‘misunderstandings’ during the interaction with your pet. Don’t have a puppy yet, but dream about a corgi, husky, or retriever? The Emerline’s dog training app will become your perfect personal assistant on the way to bonding with your future puppy and admiring every single moment you’ll spend together.

The only thing left for now is downloading the smart training app for iOS and getting amused by its intuitive design and manifold opportunities!

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