The Top 10 Essential Magento 2 Modules for 2024

Unlocking the Future of E-commerce: The Top 10 Essential Magento 2 Modules for 2024

Magento is an E-commerce platform that empowers you to create unique digital experiences, whether you're running a small boutique or a large online marketplace. But what truly sets Magento apart is its dynamic community – a network of innovators who keep the platform at the forefront of digital commerce. To unlock Magento's full potential, it's essential to explore its specialized modules.

In this guide, we present the top 10 Magento 2 modules for 2024, each designed to supercharge your business. You'll find key information, including vendors and pricing for each module. And if you're looking for a reliable E-commerce partner, the team of Emerline  E-commerce experts is here to help you.

1. Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit

Cost: Open Source: $179; Commerce: $378; Commerce on Cloud: $448.

Vendor: Mirasvit

SEO is the backbone of digital visibility, and the Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit aims to strengthen that backbone for Magento stores. This module comes with a comprehensive set of features to optimize your store for search engines, enhancing your online presence and sales potential.


  • It allows for the creation of advanced meta-tag templates for products and categories, giving you finer control over how search engines interpret your content.
  • The extension also supports data feeds for various search engines, enabling seamless indexation and broader reach.

2. One-Step Checkout by Amasty

Cost: $319, with bundle options available.

Vendor: Amasty

The checkout experience is the final frontier that often sways a customer's overall impression of your online store. The One-Step Checkout extension by Amasty streamlines this pivotal process, significantly minimizing cart abandonment rates while maximizing sales conversions. 


  • Allows customers to complete all purchase steps in a unified interface, enhancing their checkout experience.
  • Offers customizable checkout options, providing the flexibility to adapt the checkout flow to better suit your business requirements.

3. ElasticSearch Ultimate by Wyomind

Cost: Starting at $277.

Vendor: Wyomind

Navigational ease is a cornerstone of E-commerce, and fast, accurate search functionality sits at its heart. The ElasticSearch Ultimate by Wyomind turbocharges Magento 2’s native search capabilities, offering precision and speed that can noticeably uplift customer satisfaction. 

Not only does it facilitate quicker searches, but it also enhances the search experience with features like autocomplete and relevant product suggestions, making it a cross-device tool that's fully customizable.


  • Offers lightning-fast search capabilities that yield precise results in real time.
  • Displays relevant product suggestions to enhance the user experience and guide customers toward what they're looking for.
  • Includes autocomplete features to expedite the search process and deliver more accurate results.

4. Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by Mageplaza

Cost: Standard - $249; Enterprise - $449.

Vendor: Mageplaza

Gift cards aren't just a convenient present; they're a potent marketing and sales instrument. The Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by Mageplaza enables your customers to easily purchase and send gift cards, acting as a catalyst for new customer acquisitions and boosting your store’s revenue. 


  • Allows for the creation of multiple types of gift cards, enhancing the range of gifting options.
  • Supports both physical and digital gift cards, providing flexibility for various customer preferences.
  • Compatible with SimiCart PWA, ensuring seamless operation and user experience across platforms.

5. RMA by AheadWorks

Cost: Open Source - $195 license + $11.99/month, Commerce - $390 license + $22.99/month.

Vendor: AheadWorks

Returns and refunds are inevitable in E-commerce, but how you handle them can define your brand's relationship with customers. 

The RMA module by AheadWorks simplifies the Returns Management Authorization process, making it easier for customers to return products and request refunds. 


  • Provides comprehensive return options, allowing customers to choose from various return methods and reasons.
  • Enables tracking of return data, offering valuable insights into customer behavior and product performance.

6. Order Export by Xtento

Cost: $199.

Vendor: Xtento

Data is the new gold, and in E-commerce, the ability to intelligently harness this data can set you apart from the competition. The Order Export module by Xtento streamlines the export of all sales-related data, facilitating seamless integration with various external systems like ERPs, CRMs, warehouses, and more. 


  • Real-time export of sales data, allowing you to keep up-to-date with your business metrics instantly.
  • Customizable report options, enabling you to tailor data outputs to fit specific analytical requirements.
  • Versatile data format support, including Text/TXT, Tabbed, CSV/Excel, XML, JSON, SQL, and ASCII/Fixed-Length-Files.

7. OneStepCheckout for Magento 2

Cost: €485.00, with optional support bundles available.

Vendor: OneStepCheckout

A seamless checkout process can be the final push that transitions a browsing visitor into a paying customer. OneStepCheckout for Magento 2 is designed to target key reasons for cart abandonment, thereby optimizing checkout conversion rates. 


  • Specializes in addressing the primary causes of cart abandonment to enhance checkout conversion.
  • Boasts a decade of expertise focused solely on optimizing the Magento checkout process.
  • Continuously updated to meet customer needs across diverse industries and markets.
  • Adheres to Magento 2's modular philosophy, ensuring easy integration and outstanding code quality.

8. Magento 2 B2B Marketplace by Webkul

Cost: $499 + $399 (for Enterprise edition).

Vendor: Webkul

The modern business landscape has moved beyond the traditional boundaries of location, and the Magento 2 B2B Marketplace module serves as the bridge connecting business buyers and suppliers globally. 

This extension creates a robust online platform that streamlines B2B transactions, offering each supplier a customized microsite with a unique URL. 


  • Each supplier receives a distinct microsite with a customized shop URL, enhancing brand visibility.
  • Allows quick ordering through SKU search or product name, facilitating a more efficient checkout process.
  • Provides a feature to send inquiries to suppliers, complete with attachments for enhanced communication.
  • Offers a Verified Supplier premium badge after email verification, bolstering credibility.

9. Social Login by Mageplaza

Cost: Free for Standard, $99 for Professional.

Vendor: Mageplaza

For any online store, minimizing friction in the customer journey is crucial. Social Login by Mageplaza significantly simplifies the login process by allowing customers to use their existing social media accounts. This eliminates the need for a separate account creation, lowering entry barriers and accelerating the conversion process.


  • Allows users to log in using their existing social media credentials, streamlining the user experience.
  • Increases conversion rates by reducing the steps required to make a purchase.
  • Enhances user trust by leveraging familiar platforms for login credentials.

10. Improved Layered Navigation by AheadWorks

Cost: $271 license + $15.99 / month for Open-Source Edition; $639 + $31.99 / month for Commerce.

Vendor: AheadWorks

In an E-commerce environment, navigating through a plethora of product offerings can be overwhelming for customers. Improved Layered Navigation by AheadWorks addresses this by refining and enhancing the native Magento 2 navigation system. 

The extension allows for easier browsing and filtering, providing a smooth shopping experience that encourages both exploration and conversion.


  • Advanced filtering options that allow customers to sort products by various attributes.
  • AJAX-based loading for quicker response times.
  • Multiple display modes for filters, including sliders and dropdowns.
  • SEO-friendly URLs to improve search engine rankings.


Magento 2's allure lies not just in its robust feature set but in its ability to be molded and enhanced through various extensions. 

From optimizing SEO to streamlining the checkout process, these modules are integral in elevating the customer experience and driving sales. 

The chosen modules will ensure your store remains in the vanguard of digital commerce transformations. It’s good to remember that an adaptable store is a successful store.

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