Machine Learning

We deliver diverse machine learning solutions to adapt industries to a rapidly changing world

If you have data, machine learning algorithms will be of great use

Emerline fully utilizes their ML experience and proper machine learning tools to profit from small and large data sets.

Apply machine learning to take on real-world business challenges

What unites self-driving cars that are gaining momentum, online recommendations hitting the target, and fraud detection? Machine learning solutions had a hand in all the examples above. Machine learning — a subset of artificial intelligence — is focused on data analysis and training the machines how to identify patterns and come to proper conclusions based on thorough data examination.

Rely on Emerline to make a real profit

By applying math calculations to big data volumes, identifying behavioral patterns, and making decisions, machine learning systems can positively affect industries dealing with huge amounts of data. The Emerline team will carefully choose machine learning algorithms to deliver a solution meant to meet industry-specific issues and bring real business benefits, such as revenue increases and cost savings, through customer personalization, process automation, or price optimization.

Areas that prosper from machine learning

When Emerline undertakes a project, our machine learning specialists delve into the industry context to define how machine learning capabilities can contribute to its success. Literally every single area has a chance to overcome their weak points.


Self-taught machine learning algorithms are the most commonly used here for data protection and fraud prevention.

Sales and Marketing

Machine learning-based apps contribute to the effective personalized shopping experience by capturing data, analyzing purchase history, and defining the customers’ preferences.


Besides improving the accuracy of establishing diagnosis, machine learning technologies in medicine are introduced by smart wearables to track people’s well-being.


Data analysis is one of key points in the transportation process — ML applications are incorporated in passenger and vehicle safety monitoring, managing transportation system performance, controlling freight transportation operations, etc.

Training and education

It’s a sphere where machine learning is applied for content or learning analytics and making effective grading systems.

A valid tech stack to get the most value from machine learning

The Emerline team selects machine learning-oriented languages, frameworks, tools, and algorithms to make machine learning software encompass a diverse array of tasks.

PythonR programming
Ready-to-use machine learning platforms
Amazon Machine LearningAzure Machine Learning StudioSAP LeonardoIBM WatsonGoogle Cloud Machine
Frameworks, libraries, and tools
Algorithms and neural network architectures
R-CNNFast R-CNNFaster R-CNNYOLOSSDResNetLinear RegressionLogistic RegressionDecision TreeSVMNaive BayesKNNK-MeansRandom ForestDimensionality Reduction AlgorithmsGradient Boosting algorithms

Machine learning solutions that Emerline provides

Depending on the project tasks and business scope, we implement different machine learning branches including:

Image and video recognition (computer vision)

We use image and video processing kits to extract proper information, which boosts searching options, provides more targeted advertising to consumers, and leads to easier home and office automation.

Data mining

Emerline doesn’t pass by data mining techniques that analyze large data sets and find out useful patterns to pinpoint warning signs, detect anomalous behavior, and estimate the value of business decisions.

Text analysis

With the help of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, the text is transformed into structured data.

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