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We select right data science approaches and tech to turn your data into sound business solutions.

Use data science for decision-making to attain customer satisfaction in all domains

In the era of innovation, the importance of data increases day by day. It positively impacts the company’s revenue, provides better targeting, and gives a key to customer understanding. Operating at the intersection of programming, business, and math, data science combines machine learning, data analysis, business intelligence, and other related methods to transform raw information into valuable insights and help any business prosper.

Our experts will help you gain maximum benefits from the data

The ways of beneficial use of data are numerous. Every single domain dictates the most favorable application of data. Below are only a few examples of data usage addressed to specific fields. Our team knows how to make the most of data in your domain.

Sales and Marketing

The beneficial use of data in Sales and Marketing covers detecting and preventing insurance fraud or defining product needs and target prices for specific customers.

Retail and Telecom

Here, data serves as a path to revenue, so lifetime value (LTV) calculation is the essential metrics to measure net income referring to the relationship with a customer. Another aspect is to manipulate data for customer churn prediction and audience segmentation.

Medicine and Healthcare

The value of data shouldn’t be underestimated in this domain as well. Anomaly detection in the scans will be more accurate. Data science approaches contribute to better processing of life cycle time series.

Share your business objectives so that we can find a winning solution for your domain

There are two principles the Emerline team adheres to while delivering data science solutions to our customers

Focus on business demands

Our activities of this kind are geared towards finding and suggesting proper software or service to contribute to the customer’s revenue growth and improve efficiency of operations.

Custom-made development

Custom-made development guarantees creating the solutions capable to integrate with your existing internal systems. Our experts will also assist with the deployment and maintenance.

Emerline will give you a competitive edge thanks to the well-chosen tech

Evaluating which technologies are most appropriate for handling customer requirements is the core of dealing with challenging projects. Here are the technologies, tools, and databases used for the successful project implementation:

Technologies and Languages
PythonR programmingMatlabSwift
Databases and Frameworks
MySQLMongoDBScikit-learnPandasStatsmodelsProphetTensorflowKerasNumPySciPyXgBoostLightGbmNLTKSkype chatbot frameworkOpenCVBigARTMCore MLApple Accelerate framework
Neural networks

Test our data science services and move your business forward

As the impact of data science extends to multiple industries, the Emerline team can assist any company on their way to becoming a market leader through implementing data-driven solutions.

Manifold Expertise

We are experienced in the most of traditional data science application fields when it comes to business and solving business problems. As for delivered projects, our expertise covers all phases and levels of complexity, from gathering requirements to providing complete automated solutions.

Solutions Delivered

Our team develops predictive maintenance solutions to reduce unplanned downtime, prevent failures, and improve product quality; product recommendation engines to create personalized offers; and image recognition apps. Emerline can also design IoT solutions and apply text analytics or behavioral segmentation methods.

Emerline is always ready to harness data science for your business transformation

Keep in mind that our specialists are always available to provide you with consulting services as well if you are in search of the ways to optimize your existing data. Let’s talk and decide on the best methodologies and tools for reaching your business goals!

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