Node.js Development

Applications with impressive speed and no I/O scaling issues — Node.js app development improves real-time web world

Where to Use Node.js

Being a server-side implementation of JavaScript, Node.js is effectively utilized for writing the backend for applications in JS. This JavaScript runtime is particularly apt for fast and scalable real-time applications, but there are also scores of other solutions that can benefit from Node.js.

In particular, if Gateway parts are needed or your business processes imply data streaming, Node.js can perfectly handle the requirements. Also, Node.js covers exposing the data from object databases, acts as a server-side proxy, and fits for visualizing visitors’ interactions and behavior thus providing powerful monitoring dashboards.

Manifold application scenarios that Emerline development team implements become possible thanks to the advantages of using Node.js.

Benefits of Node.js for Software Development

Versatile scenarios of handling high loads

While the Node.js core is performant enough to handle a huge number of requests, we can delegate even a complex computational task via the Node.js native extension API. It lets us connect C++ written plugins or always assign such extensive jobs to a separate microservices pool.

Easy communication between teams

As the Node.js development language is the same that is used for frontend development, it leads to better communication between developers and uniformly growing command skills.

High performance capabilities

Node.js can utilize capabilities of the multicore CPU platforms and provide great performance on this basis, still effectively handling all opened connections. Node.js favors rapid prototyping and Agile development.

Support of a wide range of libraries and tools

Node.js has an extensive ecosystem of client and server-side libraries and tools (npm). This pool of packages is increasing at a steady pace and simplifies app development. Besides, as most of the libraries for Node.js are under the MIT license, they can be used without any licenses buying.

Our Node.js Proficiency

Get Smarter Node.js Solutions with Emerline, a Node.js Development Company

In terms of proxies, instant messaging, or complex web portals, Node.js is optimal, and our team is always ready to leverage the potential of this technology, as we have already done on the projects.

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