.NET Development

.NET is oriented to security and high performance of web, mobile, and desktop applications

Ways to get the most out of the Microsoft technology

.NET is notable for its multi-purposeness. It satisfies project requirements of any complexity and perfectly meets the demands of either startups or huge enterprises. Need a desktop, mobile, or web application? .NET will be the right choice for any.

Emerline .NET specialists with over 10 years of experience rely on .NET capabilities when they take on the projects for companies of different sizes. Here .NET’s multipurpose nature is beneficial, too.

Cloud-based solutions are gaining traction. As .NET is expanding for the age of cloud, we find it well-suited for building high-performance cloud applications.

Technologies we use

After discussing all the requirements and delving into your business area, the Emerline team reaps benefits from the .NET ecosystem of components, libraries, and tools to deliver a proper solution, from single-page applications to complex web products. Below is a .NET technology stack we are ready to deploy for your project:

.NET (.NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin/Mono)

Web and Intranet


Desktop and Mobile

WPF WWF UWP Xamarin.Forms 


N-Tier CQRS/ES Serverless Microservices Actors 

Databases engines

RDBMS ( Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Azure SQL Oracle Database SQLite MySQL PostgreSQL ) 

NOSQL ( Azure Cosmos DB Amazon DynamoDB Azure Table neo4j MongoDB Redis Azure Cache Aerospike Azure Search Elasticsearch Apache Solr ) 

ESB. Messaging. Integration
Azure Service FabricAzure Service BusService Bus for WindowsMicrosoft OrleansNServiceBusService Bus QueuesService Bus TopicsAzure QueuesAzure Event HubAzure Notification HubMSMQRabbitMQApache Kafka
DDD(DomainDrivenDesign)TDD(TestDrivenDevelopment)BDD(BehaviourDrivenDevelopment)AOP(AspectOrientedProgramming)AgileScrumKanbanXPWaterFallContinuous integrationContinuous delivery
Object-related mapping
Entity FrameworksNHibernateDapper


Microsoft AzureAWS

Version Control Systems



MSTestNUnitxUnitSpecFlowSeleniumAzure Performance Tests


IDE(Visual StudioVisual Studio Code)Developer Tools(ResharperStyleCop)Architecture Tools(EnterpriseArchitectDraw.ioVisual StudioUML)

How Emerline applies their expertise in .NET

We set a goal to create high-quality and reliable solutions whatever kind of software you request. Emerline offers a set of .NET software development services related to either your current systems or building a solution from scratch

  • Custom application development
  • Enterprise systems like CRM or ERP
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • E-commerce solutions, e.g., online stores
  • B2B and B2C web portals
  • Migration of legacy systems to .NET to avoid downtime and performance issues

Cloud-based multi-tenant SaaS solution

As for the delivered .NET projects, the Emerline team has designed and implemented a cloud-based multi-tenant SaaS solution aimed to automate and simplify hoster business and management activities.

B2B service platform

We have developed a B2B service platform that unites several market players, creates the communities of service providers (doctors and lawyers) and service consumers (insurance representatives), and supports all stages of their communication.

More .NET Projects

The other projects we have been involved in include applications for medicare plan management fully integrated with a central medicare portal and a scalable, fast, and fault-tolerant tax platform to assist in tracking clients’ tax returns based on the financial data.

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