Mobile technologies

You will excel in business and enhance your customer engagement with native and cross-platform mobile apps delivered by the Emerline team

Proper mobile tech conduces to the highest quality and flexibility of your service

Any business objective, from increasing brand awareness and visibility to clients to boosting customer loyalty, can be achieved with the right mobile app either emphasizing capabilities of a website or going without it. The Emerline mobile team designs and creates mobile solutions for small, mid- and large-sized businesses carefully choosing appropriate technologies and tools.

Emerline helps to decide on the right mobile app type

Native Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

If a business context requires extremely fast app performance, an active use of hardware functions of the device, and flawless user experience, like in fitness and healthcare apps, native mobile solutions are second to none in meeting these expectations.

Cross-platform and Hybrid Apps

In case information sharing and content distribution are higher priority, cross-platform apps will be just the thing. They favor cost-effectiveness and shorter development time functioning likewise on different mobile platforms.

Mobile Technology Stack we use

Here is an extensive tech stack that covers programming languages, components to accelerate mobile software development, visual and functional presentation tools, and IDEs. We use them to bring advanced mobile apps’ potential to life and build a mobile solution you will benefit from.

Development Languages
Object-relational Mapping and Databases
Development Environment
XcodeAndroid StudioEclipseUnity IDEVisual Studio
SDKs and Platforms
Android SDK/NDKiOS SDKXamarinIonicReact NativeOpenGLUnityFlutter

Emerline Mobile Technology Expertise: contextual experience

Emerline tech competencies allow us to develop robust mobile solutions for

Augmented reality

Our mobile development team builds interactive AR apps using custom objects created in OpenGL and Unity.

Internet of things

We design mobile solutions equipped with GPS tags and embedded sensors that perfectly manage connected equipment and control IoT devices, like smart wearables.

Machine learning

We apply mobile ML frameworks, such as Core ML and TensorFlow, to solve complicated computational problems like object detection, image classification, and audio recognition.

Location sensing

Enhanced with Beacons and NFC, mobile apps add more to personalization and contribute to exceptional user experience.

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