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Expert Knowledge

Emerline has accumulated expert knowledge working with a large range of front-end technologies. Our projects involve extensive use of JavaScript including ES2015+ standards, HTML5, CSS3, and a variety of CSS preprocessors.

Expert Knowledge

Modern Front-end Frameworks


React UI library



We use a number of new and time-tested front-end frameworks and technologies (Angular, React, Vue.js, Redux, RxJS, TypeScript, etc.). We understand how important it is to produce easily maintainable, extensible, and clean code that is easy to understand not only by computers, but by other programmers as well.

Working with Emerline our customers can be sure they receive the best possible service, including:

Implementation based on the newest front-end technologies and tools

A strong team of experienced front-end developers

Clean, optimized, well-structured, and well-documented code

Strict release discipline with regular milestone monitoring

Building Reliable and Innovative Products

As a team we are excited to see how HTML5 and other newest technologies allow us to constantly do more, to impress our customers and end users with functionality unavailable even a few years ago. With this mindset we regularly test out new tools and techniques to enhance the services we deliver and the level of quality we can achieve.

Cross-platform Responsiveness

Cross-platform Responsiveness

Emerline team takes great care to ensure that the applications we develop are fully compliant with mobile-first website design ideology adopted by Google and soon by other search engines. Get peace of mind knowing your website is 100% compliant with the most recent Google guidelines and is fully equipped to conquer the highest positions in search engine rankings.

Responsive Design Development

We use Bootstrap, Foundation, and Material to make sure our design is responsive, elegant, and bug-free. We believe that our main mission as front-end developers is to deliver to our customers a product that is fast, easy to use, and intuitive to the end user. We actively collaborate with our UI/UX team with the aim of creating impeccable user interfaces.

Responsive Design Development

Our Development Process

Emerline has a strictly defined development process. Our experts and methodologies are chosen individually based on project needs including code quality checks, code reviews, and Git-based development flow methodologies. We implement unit testing and functional test coverage to ensure that all of our development projects are of the highest quality. Contact us and let’s discuss how Emerline front-end team can help you move your ideas forward.

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