Blockchain software development

Certify transactions with the highest possible degree of security using decentralized systems that store permanent data records

Blockchain extends spheres of influence

Blockchain’s implementation areas have moved beyond cryptocurrency and bitcoin so far. Currently, the benefits of blockchain expand over multiple industries. Emerline is ready to suggest how blockchain tech might be beneficial to specific fields.

How to turn the industry around with blockchain and Emerline

Supply Chain Management

Among the spheres positively affected are supply chain management where blockchain simplifies goods tracking processes and accounting that utilizes the technology to reduce the risk of human errors.

Stock Markets

Blockchain solutions boost agreement processes offering autonomous smart contacts. As for the stock market, blockchain favors its transformation through providing quicker exchanges, risk elimination, and transparency.

P2P transactions for various business fields

P2P transactions thrive as blockchain manages fast transfer payments for retail, insurance, and other sectors throughout the globe.

Our contribution

At Emerline, we are responsible for blockchain application development, integration services, and support of blockchain-enabled solutions to ensure their smooth and continuous functioning.

Blockchain-based technology stack ready to tackle all project requirements



Energy Web Blockchain


In the course of clarifying project specifics and needs of our customers and discussing the desired blockchain solution, Emerline team of experts puts much effort into selecting right blockchain - related technologies, tools, and frameworks for the successful development process and outcome.

Emerline blockchain development experience

Whenever your business requires an easy crypto wallet or intricate and customized blockchain solution, Emerline will cover an initial project concept, design, development, launch, and support. Integration of the blockchain systems with any type of your running solutions is also provided. These are the samples of our blockchain-based expertise:

Decentralized energy system

Implementing blockchain transactions to manage decentralized energy production.

Decentralized databases

Built on the blockchain technology, such databases help to achieve utmost security and scale.

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