Quality assurance services

Working with our QA team, you can rest assured that your project is impeccable and bug-free

Quality control plays a significant role in creating perfect solutions

As soon as the cost of mistakes could sometimes be fatal, it’s hard to underestimate the power of quality assurance services. Emerline always aims to deliver products of the best possible quality, therefore our QA team puts a lot of time and effort into eliminating all inconsistencies.

The focus of Emerline quality assurance services

High quality assurance services

Emerline specializes in providing quality assurance services for web applications and services and native iOS and Android apps of any level of complexity, from simple websites, single-page applications, or mobile apps to intricate enterprise solutions.

Different QA tools

We actively use different QA tools to boost our effectiveness as a team, including TestRail and TestLink for improving test management processes. Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian tools aid us to provide customers with transparent and visualized reports on our progress.

Explore the major outlines of our test strategy

Our mission is to make your product impeccable. Here are key points of our testing strategy that contribute to its implementation:

Handling business issues first

Prior to testing per se, our team carefully considers the project’s budget, time expenses, and required resources.

Defining software testing scope

It covers functional and non-functional aspects of the entire product under testing.

Identifying risks

We conduct a risk analysis to anticipate all possible risks before testing and mitigate them with the help of valid techniques.

Providing test deliverables

We provide various test deliverables at every phase of the software development lifecycle, including test plans, test scripts, release notes, etc.

Setting up the process of defect tracking

Our team finds the optimal way and tools of tracking the defects and establishes a workflow for testing and development teams.

Knowledge transfer

Proper trainings shouldn’t be ignored in case new or complex tools are involved in testing.

Selecting the right type of testing

We discover what types of testing will work best for a certain use case. Choosing between automation and manual testing or both areas is also relevant here.

Select the best matching software testing types for your project

The Emerline QA team helps you define the most effective testing strategy to prevent defects rather than confine yourself to their detection. When it comes to software testing process, there is a range of testing types we apply depending on your business needs

Functional testing

It’s one of crucial services our team provides since functional testing offers hands-on experience of how your users really interact with the software. Emerline is ready to test your application both manually and with automated scripts. We focus on finding software bugs or inconsistencies in software logic and evaluating adherence to technical specifications.

Regression testing

When you make small changes to your product, there is always a chance that something might break. Regression testing is there to cover your back. After every alteration – no matter how simple or insignificant – we help you make sure everything works just as it should be.

Usability testing

Usability testing offers you a chance to look at the product from the user perspective and test any use case scenario more closely noticing potential hiccups and roadblocks in advance. Take this opportunity to make your product or service more user-friendly and intuitive and increase engagement throughout the user base. We work hand in hand with our UI/UX designers who help us not only discover potential usability issues but also recommend how to overcome them.

Security testing

We strive to make your product not only function well but also stay safe from malware. During the development process, we constantly test software for potential security vulnerabilities. Our QA team makes every effort so that your product is well-protected against cross-site scripting, code injections, request forgeries, and other potential holes in security.

Compatibility and integration testing

Emerline offers integration testing at all levels of software communication: for components, modules, subsystems, and systems. We employ modern compatibility and integration testing approaches to ensure your system is conflict-free and easy to use in tandem with other environments.

Execution is everything

Make sure your product vision is not distorted with poor execution. Eliminate bugs, fine-tune a user interface, and secure your data with reliable software testing services provided by Emerline.

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