Upgrade your delivery process with best practices and tools in DevOps and WinOps

Smooth Operational Environment

Continuous integration and delivery directly help the customers to shorten both product release time and internal development cycles. At the same time faster delivery does not compromise the quality of the end product. On the contrary, continuous delivery is key to reducing development risks and securing consistent results within the development team.

Our DevOps tools

Emerline DevOps team has a multitude of specialists with exceptional knowledge in administration of Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) and Windows (Windows Server 2008+) environments. We place great emphasis on monitoring the production and deployment processes through IT infrastructure with ELK, Zabbix, Nagios, and New Relic tools.

Disaster recovery


Infrastructure monitoring

ELKZabbixNagiosNew Relic

Code synchronization




Cloud hosting

AmazonMS AzureGoogle Cloud

Continuous integration

JenkinsGitLab CI

Container-based virtual


General tools

Bash shell

A growing WinOps team to meet your needs

We are continuously growing our DevOps team supplementing our own knowledge with experts in WinOps delivery. Since 2014 Windows has begun to rapidly build the ecosystem of DevOps tools that are now on par with the Linux toolbox.

Plan and deploy with confidence

Emerline team has been working since 2009 on implementing DevOps in our daily production. From test automation to cloud services to scrum-based project management we gradually deliver noticeable advantages both in business and development of new products.

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