Working with clients across multiple business domains, we have enriched our project portfolio with robust consumer applications and complex enterprise solutions.

Online employee service platform

A solution that helps companies manage complex employee benefit programs

Online employee service platform helps businesses order, manage, and pay for services ranging from training to laundry. The application connects employers, employees, and service providers in one easily manageable environment.

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Healthcare marketplace platform

A solution enabling customer-provider relationships within the healthcare system

The platform allows customers to choose their healthcare providers within a specific geographic location and price range. The solution is accessible through a web interface as well as iOS mobile devices.

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Customer discovery and social engagement service

An analytical platform that collects and processes user and company data

The platform provides businesses with competitive landscape information and analytics about companies worldwide. Web application opens quick and easy access to terabytes of data accumulated daily by the platform.

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IT assets management solution

A solution that helps companies keep track of corporate assets such as office equipment, hardware, devices, etc.

The solution simplifies controlling and managing IT inventory even with multiple office locations. It can be easily integrated with a number of third-party services to keep the workflow going.

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Sales analytics platform

A platform for acquiring and analyzing sales data in real-time mode

The solution provides distributors with the ability to carry out supply management and customer data analysis tasks on the spot. It enhances an overall distributor performance by minimizing time spent on these tasks.

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