Middle 3D Designer

Emerline is searching for a 3D designer to join our growing team.

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  • 3D Modelling: Model and texture 3D scenes expressing concepts either from scratch or from assets or some combination. From quick sketches to refined and polished, and everything in-between. Create 3D models in both low and high-polygon counts, depending on the project;
  • 3D Animation: You can craft short animations demonstrating an interface and interactions over time for 3-dimensional interfaces like augmented reality;
  • Texturing: Create textures for modeled material using diffuse, specular and normal maps, and use good UV layout distribution to maximize quality;
  • Communication: Work directly with the programming team in the implementation process to ensure optimal use of polygons, shaders and textures.


  • Strong portfolio of works;
  • Minimum 3 years hands-on experience;
  • Experience of creating assets for augmented reality apps;
  • Good sense of volume, lighting and materials;
  • Pick the optimal tools for each task;
  • Create textures for use with various shaders (specular maps, normal maps, etc.);
  • Self manage and meet deadlines when under pressure;
  • Take direction, work toward very specific objectives with minimal supervision.
  • Work as a team player with designers, developers and producers.

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