Startup product development

We build dedicated partnerships with startups to help them grow and mature.

Our approach

We start with your idea only and proceed with the design and development of a software product that works just like you wanted it to.

  • Full-cycle startup mentoring
  • Technology advising
  • Out-of-the-box initial infrastructure
  • Market launch and venture funding support
  • Full-cycle product development and support
  • Dedication to the project
  • Free project management tools
  • No idle reporting
The majority of our clients are USA and EU-based startups

We can help at any step of the process

Our experience allows us to help our clients effectively in any of the following scenarios

  • Idea

    You have an idea and need the right technology partner to develop an MVP, enabling you to launch your startup

  • Minimum viable product

    You have an MVP that you need to expand into a robust solution and then scale sustainably

  • Solution

    You already have a solution, but you are unsatisfied with how it works and want to have it rebuilt

  • Market fit

    You have a product that fits the market, and you want to enhance it to grow your business

The absolute majority of our projects are successful long-term collaborations – we have a record of helping startups attract investments.

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