Web and mobile solution for streamlining professional services — it’s an online marketplace that provides clients real-time access to experts. 


In order to revolutionize professional services and make them more affordable, help people easily find experts in the shortest terms, and simplify the process of getting needed services, our customer came up with the idea to build an online marketplace with virtual offices for professionals to provide their services to clients.

The Emerline team put the idea into practice, while building both web and mobile products.

Solution’s Description

Our solution is an online marketplace that provides a directory service and virtual office for experts, thus reducing their expenses and increasing their visibility among potential clients.

On the other hand, the solution makes advice from professionals financially affordable and easy to get.

The marketplace doesn’t imply any reference component — it’s an independent solution that doesn’t influence the client’s decision.

Key Features

  • Providing secure online meeting and collaboration tools
  • Creating verified professional accounts with confirmed skills
  • Covering the end-to-end process of the expert-client collaboration, from searching for experts that can help and booking the available time for consultation to meeting with the professional in the virtual conference room
  • Synchronization with the existing calendars to make scheduling fast and easy 

Our Contribution

The Emerline team was responsible for the full cycle of development and support. In terms of the project scope, our experts provided:

  • Web, Android, and iOS applications
  • Integration with calendar systems
  • Payment system integration
  • Video call integrations


Our solution is more than just a place where people find the professionals they want to consult. The online marketplace is also responsible for booking the most convenient time slots, arranging consultations, and conducting them using virtual conference rooms.

Three key benefits, a rich choice of experts, convenience of services, and accessible price, are here in one marketplace. Thanks to our contribution, our client managed to democratize professional services, while making them affordable for all social groups.