Online collaboration solution to boost the team’s productivity and efficiency


Our team created a web-based team dashboard designed to streamline any business process within the organization, minimize the number of meetings people have at their workplace every week, and improve all aspects of collaboration.

Emerline designed, developed, and supported an online collaboration tool aimed at increasing team productivity and effectiveness.

Our platform expertise contributed to making a highly scalable and flexible solution — it covers a set of predefined templates for various business areas and tasks (design thinking, marketing strategies, client management, and so on) and can be used as an organizer, visibility tool, or dashboard.

The solution is designed to make the following aspects of business strategy and collaboration better:

  • create, automate, manage, and easily monitor the execution of any workflow and business process;
  • efficiently document and track collective and individual tasks;
  • greatly reduce the number of “update” type meetings;
  • improve engagement and collaboration on all levels.

Thanks to its wide integration capacities, the resulting product allows its users to bring together any data from Google Spreadsheets, Trello, Jira, Office 365, and other systems you need. It significantly saves time on searching for information across multiple systems.

Project features

Widget framework

Each visual element in the system works as a separate widget, but at the same time, the system is scalable in the number of widgets. Users have a chance to create their own widgets or use third-party ones.

Data linking

Widgets can synchronize and share the data. It lets users create ‘summary boards’ that cover statistics on all or selected projects.

Multitenant approach

The solution operates as SaaS (software as a Service). Multitenancy prevents data leakage between tenants.


The solution is capable of organizing any business process, including innovation management process arrangement optimization of business venture plans, enhancements in product management, etc. 

The online collaboration tool also makes it possible for its users to create and manage their own business processes —  thanks to the tool’s flexibility, the users are free to configure the system according to their needs.