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Multifunctional Online Employee Service Platform
Multifunctional Online Employee Service Platform

Multifunctional Online Employee Service Platform

Web and mobile solution for businesses, their staff, and third-party service providers to increase employee engagement and loyalty.


Our customer’s intention was to bring much value to companies by providing their employees with easy access to corporate benefit programs, fitness and wellness activities, reimbursement programs, events, affinity groups, and internal communities. 

Their ambition was to introduce a comprehensive platform for uniting businesses, employees, and third-party service providers. The solution’s mission was to let companies offer their workers onsite services of different kinds, from car wash, dry cleaning, or beauty procedures to visa support.

One of our key challenges during the solution’s development was to find a business model perfectly crafted for the adoption of a wide range of services that the platform would need to support. 

Our Contribution 

Our team has been involved in the project during all phases, including architecture, design, development, implementation, and support of the solution, both web and mobile (iOS and Android).

We turned the idea into a fully functioning platform in less than 12 months, whereas the development process still goes on, enriching the product with gradual improvements.

As soon as Emerline uses the solution as a customer, we are exploring the platform’s opportunities firsthand and collecting the feedback and ideas of our employees to continually upgrade the product, add new features, and eliminate possible bottlenecks.

Key Features

Among the features and benefits the online employee service platform provides are:

  • Easy management, ordering, and paying for the onsite services ranging from trainings to laundry;
  • Support of a better work-life balance for employees;
  • Extended opportunities for human resource management;
  • Scaling and automation of corporate employee programs;
  • Establishment of a more efficient dialogue between businesses and their team members (the solution acts as a link between corporate units and individual employees);
  • Boost in employee’s job satisfaction, productivity, and a sense of loyalty to the company they work for.

Technology Stack We Used

Frontend: JavaScript, AngularJS

Backend: Python, PostgreSQL, Django

Mobile: Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift

Integrations: Stripe, Slack, Mandrill, Yelp, etc.

Deployment: AWS, Docker, Jenkins


Today, the online employee service platform created by Emerline is a widespread solution utilized by American and European companies. It is a trusted provider of support and care for employees, so businesses do appreciate the solution’s power to make their teams’ lives easier and more eventful.

If an employer wants to release their staff from the routine household chores, streamline interaction between the departments, or provide engaging activities, the platform is here to help, as we have already implemented all of the above-mentioned functions.

As for usability, Emerline has put a heavy focus on it, so that thousands of users can enjoy its intuitive interface on any platform of their choice, either web and mobile, work more productively, and stay loyal to their workplace much longer. 

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