Services: Web and Mobile development

Solutions: Photo printing application

Expertise: Sales


The development of a web solution and mobile applications for iOS and Android that allow users to design various products with custom prints and then order the delivery directly within the app.  


In 2013, Emerline was contacted by a client cooperating with photo labs and was tasked to create a solution for the design, purchase, and delivery of printed products. The requested application was supposed to provide users with the ability to place any photos from their galleries or social media on various types of products: T-shirts, cups, souvenirs, photo books, calendars, etc. The process of product creation was to be based on available templates and allow a user edit chosen pictures, add text, create photo collages, etc. Also, the solution was supposed to provide possibilities for choosing the delivery method and online payment.

Initially, only a mobile application for iOS was requested. But later, the client also delegated the development of an Android mobile app from their previous contractor to us, as well as requested a web application with almost the same functionality.  

Development Approach

The process of development of a photo printing application can be conditionally divided into three stages:

Backend and frontend development

The mobile application for iOS was written with the use of Objective-C.

The creation of the Android mobile app has started in 2013 by another contractor, with Java used as the only possible option for Android development. In 2016, the development was delegated to us, and we used Java to complete it.

When it comes to the web application, its backend was written in a Python-based Django framework. The frontend of the web solution was developed with the React web framework. 

Integration Services

For 7 years of the product’s existence, it has been integrated with a variety of payment systems, including such international ones as PayPal and Braintree, and some Russian acquirers like Tinkoff. 

Also, the solution was integrated with a number of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, VK, and Yandex.Disk.


Currently, the solution is under the support service and is periodically (2-3 times a year) enriched with small touch-ups requested by the client: these could be the provision of product tracking options available within the app, the development of tabs with promos, etc. 

Key Features of the Photo Printing Application

Product design

  • Product type selection 
  • Photo editing
  • Photo importing from social media 
  • Collage making
  • Adding text features

Order and delivery

  • Price calculator
  • Address saving
  • Delivery method selection
  • Discount calculation
  • Payment with a card


The Emerline team has successfully developed a complete photo printing solution that consists of a website and mobile applications for iOS and Android. The solution meets all the requirements and is periodically enriched with new features under the support service.