Does it take you much time to go and scan the documents you need when every minute counts during a tough working day? Are you getting lost in tons of paper documents and spending hours to find a contract or a certificate? Do you plan to organize all your papers properly, but still can’t find time to do that? 

Don’t worry — there is a smart and simple solution to release you from paperwork. Document scanning apps help to easily transition to a digital office and organize a convenient document storage in a few simple steps.

What is a doc scanning app?

Document scanning applications are tools that allow their users to scan any file or note, from a work invoice and receipt to inheritance and house purchase documents. 

Whatever is needed can be scanned in a couple of taps and converted to the PDF or JPEG format. One more good news: editing options are also available. It means that you send or store the document that looks exactly how it should be. 

A document scanning app is a perfect way to forget about scanning hardware and paper piles that are arranged quite chaotically. Keep the docs in one place, don’t waste time trying to find the one you require right now, and organize them in a way that works for you. 

Why to use doc scanning apps: key benefits 

Even if you have got used to traditional scanning methods and are sceptical towards accepting digital ways of doc scanning, a document scanning app is a solution definitely worth testing. Let us show you why. 

Achieve utmost productivity during your working or education day

Where is the correlation between doc scanning apps and efficiency? The answer lies on the surface: you won’t need to spend valuable minutes on routine scanning tasks. Just turn on your camera — that’s already half the battle. 

All papers are in order

Sounds incredible, right? The truth is that all of your documents are not papers anymore with a doc scanning app. They turn into digital files, acquire relevant tags, which ensures utmost convenience of document search, and provide you with a clear logic of their arrangement. 

Cloud storage to provide impeccable security 

If you lose important paper documents, it is likely to be a trouble. So what about digital storages? As all files are stored in the Cloud, it will prevent the app’s user from the loss of documents. 

On top of that, you have access to the docs anywhere and anytime, from any device. Always stay productive and settle all document-related issues in the shortest terms. 

Scanner for Docs by Emerline  —  move to a digital office faster with our app 

For the sake of the users’ convenience, the Emerline team developed an iOS mobile app which aim is to provide a quick document scanner, intuitive image editor, and well-structured file storage. 

Here are the core functions our specialists implemented:

  • Instant document scanning
  • Saving and sharing documents in PDF or JPEG

  • Tag-based document structure for intuitive navigation and easy search 
  • Edit and filter options (cropping, rotating, reordering pages, adjusting contrast settings, increasing overall scan quality, etc.)
  • Electronic signature — if needed, you leave a handwritten digital signature in the document

  • iCloud synchronization to give the app users access to documents from any iOS device 
  • Password protection to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information 

    You are welcome to download and test our app, and then make sure that your paperless office is equally cool for business and household purposes.