Delicious smart drones over hungry countries

Delicious smart drones over hungry countries

Pouncer drones offer an unconventional approach to fighting world hunger. This aircraft is edible, smart, and cheap. Today the company behind this invention shared with the public more interesting – and delicious! – details.

With more than 6 regions of the world suffering from famine or on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe, the news from Windhorse Aerospace are more than welcome. Back in February Windhorse announced at London NSF International conference its idea of delivering food to disaster regions using drones made of food.

Pouncer drones are built either from plywood or from pressed plant matter and vacuum sealed foodstuffs as a part of their structure. For example, Pouncer MkI is built from plywood that survivors can use for cooking or warmth. MkII uses vegetable parts and sealed food that can be as strong as wood.

Pouncer Mk2 filled with grains
Nigel Gifford suggests that salami is as good for chassis as wood or plastic. Why haven't we thought of that before?!

The largest Pouncer drones will be able to carry up to 90 kg of food – enough for 100 survivors to last one day. The company promises that a single drone filled with food will cost no more than $125.

The drones are a part of the zero waste paradigm that aims to convert all donated money directly into food, medical supplies, and potable water.

Nigel Gifford, the man behind Pouncer, already proved himself as one of the brightest inventors in the world. In 2014 Mark Zuckerberg bought his previous brainchild, the Ascenta platform, for $20M to provide web access to rural areas.


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